1. indistinct or hazy in outline (Freq. 5)

a landscape of blurred outlines


the trees were just blurry shapes

Syn: ↑bleary, ↑blurry, ↑foggy, ↑fuzzy, ↑hazy, ↑muzzy
Similar to: ↑indistinct
Derivationally related forms:
haze (for: ↑hazy), ↑haziness (for: ↑hazy), ↑fuzziness (for: ↑fuzzy), ↑fog (for: ↑foggy), ↑fogginess (for: ↑foggy), ↑blur (for: ↑blurry), ↑blurriness (for: ↑blurry)
2. unclear in form or expression

the blurred aims of the group


"sometimes one understood clearly and sometimes the meaning was clouded"- H.G.Wells

Syn: ↑clouded
Similar to: ↑unclear

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